There is not a day that goes by I do not want to create.  But there are days that I am limited by my means or my body, nothing more.  Art is my passion.  My soul.  My expression.

I was born with this goal in mind.  From the age of 3 I began modeling around the house and bugging my mother about getting my face on the 'Life' cereal box.  Kids today will miss this reference!  You couldn't keep a camera out of my hands, from the disposable 35mm you would get at the pharmacies to the over-the-shoulder cassette tape video cameras.  I was going to create a photo of myself, make a video about my cats, or force my toy horses to model in scenes I would build by hand.  Nothing would stop me.

Around 10 years of age, I asked my mom about modeling as a career.  I wanted to go to my first agency.  Me.  A child, merely in 3rd or 4th grade, was set on going to an agency.  Thankfully--my mother was supportive.  She booked me with an agent.  We lived over an hour away but she didn't mind taking me.  They gave me a bit of model training, taught me a bit about makeup, I experienced my first professional photo shoot, and was set up with auditions. It was happening.  My dream was becoming real.

From there I went on to sign with another agency at 16.  More training, more background education.  While putting in my due diligence watching every episode of America's Next Top Model, thank you Tyra.  I wanted to take in every bit of information to become better.  To grow.  I was first hand writing photographers.  Cold-calling people I aspired to work with one day.  Modeling in the mirror. Everything I could to grow.

By the time I turned 18 I was ready to get serious about freelance modeling and being nude on camera.   I had a lengthy background in the industry.  I understood the risks.  By focusing on small tours between Chicago, St Louis and Indianapolis I began building a better portfolio as model.  Constantly networking.  Constantly reaching out to creatives.  Hard work pays off.

Soon I was touring full-time.  Creating art every day, all day long.  Modeling was my only source of income.  For several years I toured nonstop.  A different city every 5-7 days.  I have relocated several times for my modeling, LA, Phoenix, Providence, Philadelphia.  I have lived in my car with my cats and ex-boyfriend.  

Years into touring I was backed by someone who believed in me.  This person helped me acquire my first DSLR camera.  They taught me the basics of how to set it up and away I went with a new way to create.  Art in my hands again.  Being able to fully create the visions in my head. 

Since 2014 I have been creating content of all kinds as a photographer using my skills as a model to help people feel comfortable and boost their own confidence.  If you are in need of guidance, I am happy to help you through video-chats or in person by stepping into the scene and showing you how I would model in the same space.  Other mentoring tips on how to boost your income or career can now be found on  Whether you are in need of professional head shots, a sexy session for a loved one, or a full session for you to sell the content--I am open to bring our ideas together and create magic.  

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If you lock in your shoot with a deposit of 75% or more of the shoot cost I will add in more content or shoot time, your choice.

Always happy to set up a custom payment plan.
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