Modeling Sessions

Child Star Day-Dreaming

I remember my angst on the long drive with my mother from the desert in Tonopah, AZ to Phoenix, AZ for my first meeting with an agency at the age of 10.  Watching the buildings go by as I recount every child star movie I had ever seen.  The noisy children in the waiting room.  Sitting face to face with an agent.  My first real photo shoot.

Modeling was my first tangible, big dream.  It poured out of me in every way.  From makeup, to fashion, to physically shooting, to strutting my stuff in family photos or shoots with friends.  I started cold calling by the age of 12, thank you Tyra.  I had no fear. 
2002-2010 were years of childhood modeling, self teaching, and growth.
By the time I reached 18, I knew what direction I wanted to head.

Naturally Nude

March 2010 I became an adult and started seeking out nude shoots.  I had been practicing nudism at home for several years.  I have always been fortunate to have a supportive family behind me in every choice I make. 
Big or small.  

My first nude shoots came from word of mouth or Craigslist.  Which quickly set the bar for professional behavior, my rate, what I provide, and more.  Every shoot became a learning experience.  Lighting.  Posing.  Direction.  Gear.  When you deeply care about your craft you soak up every experience like a sponge.  

Tour Life

By 2012 I started regularly touring.  Being raised with a hearty work ethic I would easily book full days, multiple shoots, back to back to back and power through with a smile.  Hitting Chicago, St Louis, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Nashville before finally taking a 2.5 month east coast tour in 2013 from Illinois to Boston, down to NYC and Philadelphia, and back.  This tour really set the tone for the way I would travel from that point on.  

Any city is on my radar.  If I can drive, transit, hike, or whatever, if I have a reason to be there, I will be there!  Thus far, I have only reached the continental USA but Europe, Canada, and more are on my radar for late 2018 into 2019.  Pushing toward bigger dreams and more tangible projects.  Keep an eye out here for more!

Model Rates and Packages

***All shoots must be discussed in full, in a record-able source.

2 hour minimum on all shoots, unless otherwise discussed.
Discounts available for chunks of time.
Hair, makeup, and wardrobe included in all shoots.
Natural light / shootable location often available.
$125 per hour for up to Art Nude
...Fashion, Portraits, Lifestyle, Brand Wear, Art Nude.

$150 per hour for up to Light Erotic
...Open Leg, Implied Solo or Girl Girl Play, Fetish Play. 

$175 per hour for up to Full Erotic
...Masturbation, Toys, Full Sex - Girl Girl or Boy Girl*
*I will choose the partner--Must be discussed in full.

1-3 Hour Shoots
$50 Deposit

Deposit locks in our shoot and ensures your spot on my calendar.
Please go to the shop to send a deposit and start the process today.

4-8 Hour Shoots
$100 Deposit

Deposit locks in our shoot and ensures your spot on my calendar.
Please go to the shop to send a deposit and start the process today.

Custom Shoot Deposit

Custom shoot times can vary, feel free to message me to discuss any type of shoot.  I will directly send you an invoice for your custom deposit.

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