OF Tips & Tricks Guide

Are you new to content creation or online sales?

This one of a kind guide works for creators at any level.  Whether you are just starting out or someone with an established following, these tips work if you put in the work.  

Looking for information on being anonymous?
How often should you post?
How to do taxes.
Where do you promote to bring in fans?
How do I promote without looking like spam?

Are you an established creator looking to earn more money each week?

I have packed this PDF with resources on promotional marketing, what types of content is typically flagged, ideas of types of content to create to generate more income, how to post in ways that generate more tips, and more.

Creating content without stress.
How to take a mental health break and not lose income.
Growing your fans.
How to get larger tips.
Creating with other content creators.

Why this OF guide though?

The tips and tricks in this digital guide apply to many types of online sales.  Outside of OF, you will learn a lot about protecting your content, legal information regarding SW, organizing your schedule as a freelance creator, and more.

I am all about accountability, the google doc portion is updated weekly with a timestamp. 
As I learn, you learn.  Happy to make additions for you specifically too!  Just reach out.

Where do I purchase this guide?

I highly suggest messaging me before sending payment.
I take Cashapp, Venmo, and Paypal.

Open to artist trades if you are low income.

This item is always available in my - shop -

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